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Danny Cheng aka 852hk(Founder and CEO at DaXxX GrouP) born in Hong Kong, established first website fungfung.net in 1997, the response was an overwhelming success from the public and the website have been interviewed by Radio Television Hong Kong(RTHK) and publicised by Apple Daily! After graduated from United Kingdom, 852hk worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC); American Express; Hutchison Whampoa; LexisNexis etc. In year 2003, established DaXxX GrouP, focus on radio podcast and e-commerce; then started DaxFC.com in year 2017, the web platform with digital video contents; and 852hk.com in year 2020, the website talks about handsome cute boys, gay news, and boy’s love in Asia.

  • Expert in web project and content management, with good logical and analytical thinking
  • Fully integrate with the web industry with 20+ years of experience, started to build website since 1997
  • Fast learner with strong problem-solving skills ability to acquaint with new technology in a short period of time

Danny Cheng aka 852hk(峰峰集團 - 創始人兼首席執行官) 出生於香港,畢業於英國,1997年開始寫網頁,主修工商管理和電腦科學系,曾任職於羅兵咸永道(PwC)、美國運通(Amex) 、和記黃埔(Hutchison)、律商聯訊(LexisNexis)等團體!於1997年創建網頁環峰堂 fungfung.net,定立網頁主導地位,當年更接受香港電台訪問及蘋果日報的報導;2003年成立個人創新品牌峰峰集團 DaXxX GrouP,專注網上電台及電子商貿;而您正在收看的鯨魚頻道 DaxFC.com 在2017年環峰堂20周年時成立,成為網上影音娛樂平台!最近 ,在2020年,峰峰集團創造了環峰堂程式網站 852hk.com,談論英俊的可愛仔仔,提供同性戀新聞以及腐男腐女BL福利。

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852hk 最喜愛的品牌,每天我也跟這些品牌一起生活,真的很喜歡及感激他們呢


852hk's locations

852hk was born in 香港畢拉山,Mount Butler 是一座位於香港島大坑,渣甸山再入的山峰,由於山上景色優越,可飽覽維港、港島及九龍半島... 所以 852hk 對整個香港的發展瞭如指掌,而 852hk 在99年9月9日飛到英國留學,大多數時間都住在伯明翰附近,852hk 在英國的時間,在歐洲及倫敦日以繼夜夜以繼日地遊玩,很多地方也有 852hk 的足跡!


I was born in Mount Butler, lived there for my childhood and kindergarten 香港銅鑼灣聖光堂幼稚園.

Mount Butler (Chinese: 畢拉山) is a 436 m high hill on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.

"Mount Butler H.F. Radio Receiving Station" is situated on Mount Butler. Masts of the stations can be seen from a distance.
Moved to Jardine's Lookout during my primary school Hennessy Road Government Primary School P.M (軒尼詩道官立下午小學)

Jardine's Lookout (Chinese: 渣甸山; Cantonese Yale: ja din saan), named after William Jardine, is a mountain and residential area on Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong. It is a considerably upper class neighborhood with about ten thousand residents.
Moved back to Mount Butler during my secondary school.

At Mount Butler (Chinese: 畢拉山), there are Sir Cecil's Ride (Chinese: 金督馳馬徑), the road named after the 17th Hong Kong governor, Sir Cecil Clementi (Chinese: 金文泰), 此路徑源於金文泰在港就任期間,經常在此騎馬郊遊.
Lived in Stourbridge during my College.

Stourbridge is a town within the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley, in the West Midlands of England. Historically part of Worcestershire, Stourbridge was a centre of glass making, and today includes the suburbs of Amblecote, Lye, Norton, Oldswinford, Pedmore, Wollaston and Wollescote.
Lived in Kettering during my Foundation course.

Kettering is a town in the north of Northamptonshire, England. It is the main town within the Borough of Kettering.

Kettering's economy was built on the boot and shoe industry. Now Kettering's economy is based on service and distribution industries due to its central location and transport links.
Lived in Bishop Ryder House during my Year 1 in Aston University.

Bishop Ryder House situated in the centre of the Aston University in Birmingham, views from the buildings extend across gardens and the ornamental lake in Aston Triangle.

There are four ‘addresses’: Gem House - Bishop Ryder House - Old Cross House - Vauxhall House.
Lived in Lakeside during my Univeristy degree in Aston University.

Lakeside situated on the edge of Aston University, overlooking the ornamental lake, in landscaped surroundings, Lakeside offers residents well appointed en-suite accommodation in maisonettes or flats for between six and ten students.

All the rooms in Lakeside have a shower, toilet and washbasin with shared kitchen and dining facilities. The modern kitchen and dining facilities are shared between each flat and are a focal point for life outside of lessons.
After graduated from Aston University, I moved back to Hong Kong and lived with my family in Tai Koo Shing.

Taikoo Shing, or Tai Koo Shing (Chinese: 太古城), is a private housing estate in Kornhill, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It forms a part of the Swire Group's Island East residential and retail branding, along with TaiKoo Place, the adjacent Cityplaza retail and office complex and EAST, a lifestyle business hotel.
Moved to Heng Fa Chuen with family.

Heng Fa Chuen (Chinese: 杏花村) is a residential estate in the northeast of Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, jointly developed by MTR Corporation and Kerry Properties. With a calm waterfront offering beautiful views of the Tathong Channel and away from congestion in other places, Heng Fa Chuen is administratively part of the Eastern District.
Moved out on my own. lived in Wan Chai.

Wan Chai (Chinese: 灣仔) is a metropolitan area situated at the western part of the Wan Chai District on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island, in Hong Kong. Wan Chai is one of the busiest commercial areas in Hong Kong with many small and medium-sized companies.
Moved to St. Francis Street, living between Admiralty and Wan Chai.

Admiralty is the eastern extension of central business district of the Central on the Hong Kong Island of Hong Kong. It is located on the eastern end of the Central and Western District, bordered by Wan Chai to the east and Victoria Harbour to the north. The name of Admiralty refers to the former Admiralty Dock in the area which housed a naval dockyard. The dock was later demolished when land was reclaimed and developed northward as the HMS Tamar naval base. The Chinese name, Kam-chung (金鐘), lit. Golden Bell, refers to a golden bell once housed at the dock.
Moved to Hollywood Road, living between Sheung Wan and Sai Ying Pun.

Hollywood Road (Chinese: 荷李活道) was the first road to be completed when the colony of Hong Kong was founded. Sheung Wan was one of the earliest settled places by the British, and belonged to the historical Victoria City. The site of the original occupation of Hong Kong Island by British forces in 1842 was at Possession Street, between Queen's Road Central and Hollywood Road.
Moved to Repulse Bay, living in Southern part of Hong Kong Island.

Repulse Bay (Chinese: 淺水灣) is one of the most expensive residential areas in the world, located in the southern part of Hong Kong Island, to the east of Deep Water Bay and to the west of Middle Bay and South Bay.

There are 2 gay beaches at Repluse Bay, just 3 mins drive then you can get to the wonderful fantastic beaches with lots of handsome guys and relax with the iconic seaview. I usually go there for swim and suntan during weekdays, this is so great and the reason I move to Repulse Bay.
Moved to Happy Valley, living in the building with my own car garage.

Happy Valley (Chinese: 跑馬地) is an upper-income residential area in Hong Kong, located on Hong Kong Island. The area is bordered by Caroline Hill to the east, Jardine's Lookout to the south, Morrison Hill to the west, and Causeway Bay to the north. Administratively, it is part of Wan Chai District.

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